1. The Society is to be called "SOUTH AFRICAN KNEE SOCIETY",

    The South African Knee Society is an approved speciality organization of SAOA which exists to promote, encourage, support, and foster through continuing medical education functions, the development and dissemination of knowledge in the discipline of knee surgery to all orthopaedic surgeons.

    There shall be three classes of membership
    1. Active membership: Limited to those persons who
      • Hold a higher degree in orthopaedics and
      • Membership of SAOA
    2. Associate membership: Limited to those persons who
      • Have a special interest and or completed work or research in the treatment of Knee related conditions or
      • Wish to further their knowledge in Knee Surgery.
    3. Honorary Membership.
      • 'Active' Honorary member
      • Life Honorary Member
      Honorary Life Memberships may be conferred by the Executive Committee on Active members who have given long and distinguished service to the Society. Such Hon. Life Members will retain the full rights of an Active Member. Honorary Membership may also be conferred upon members of distinction outside the Society. The executive shall nominate such candidates and the election to Honorary Membership shall be by the vote of the Members present at a general meeting.

    • Application for membership in Active and Associate classes of membership must be made to the society secretary and be accompanied by a sponsors form. Candidates must have attended a meeting of the society in the past year. These will then be forwarded to the Executive who will decide on the eligibility of the candidate and advise him on the success of his application
    • Each application for membership shall be submitted for election as soon as practicable after the Executive Committee receives his nomination.
    • Candidates balloted for and not elected shall not be proposed again for election within a period of twelve months. On the election of a New Member the Secretary shall notify the same to him in writing and shall request him to pay his entrance fee and first subscription to the Treasurer. No person shall be deemed to be a member nor his election, if made, be effective until he shall have paid his entrance fee and the annual subscription payable on his election. Only one new Member may be nominated by each Active Member per year and the Member must be of two years standing in the Association before being able to nominate New Members.
    • Each application for Membership shall upon receipt of the notification of his election forthwith pay his entrance fee and first annual subscription.
    • There shall be payable to the Society by each Active Member for every year during which he remains a member of the Society an annual subscription payable on the first day of March in each year, and shall be paid within three months of that date.
    • The entrance fee and annual subscription shall be such amount as the Executive Committee shall from time to time determine provided that the Society in general meeting may alter, vary or revoke any such fee and/or subscription.
    • If a member fails to pay his subscription fees for one year he shall be notified of his termination as a member and will only be reinstated after one year and after outstanding fees have been paid.
      • Such ex-members may seek re-election on payment of arrears of subscription and on making formal application after one year to the Honorary Secretary.
      • On termination of membership, no further correspondence or notices will be forwarded to the person concerned, but his nameĽ will be notified to the next General Meeting
      • An appeal against termination of Membership can be made to a General Meeting within twelve months of termination being announced at a Meeting.
  6. TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP The membership of any member of the Society shall be terminated ipso facto in any of the following events:
    • If he be in arrears with his annual subscription for a period of one year after the same shall have become due.
    • If, in the opinion of the Executive Committee he ceases to hold any of the qualifications rendering him eligib1e for Membership of the Society.
    • At each Annual Meeting the Society will elect a President who will take office in September of the following year and will not hold office for more than three years.
    • The positions of Secretary and Treasurer are usually held by the same person. The Secretary shall give due notice, keep the minutes of all meetings and conduct all correspondence.
    • The immediate past President will automatically become an Executive member until replaced at an election.
    • The president shall preside at all Meetings at which he is present.
    • The Treasurer shall collect all monies due to the Society, and shall be the custodian of same. At the Annual Meeting he shall present a report of his receipts and expenditure, which shall be entered on the Minutes. At the beginning of each year he shall acquaint each Member by notice that the annual subscription for the coming year is due.
    • The Executive Committee will be comprised of:
      • President who will not hold office for longer than three years and will take office in September.
      • The President Elect who must be a member of the EXCO.
      • The Past President.
      • The Secretary/Treasurer.
      • Two Members without Portfolio.
    • In the absence of the President, the Past President shall preside at the Meetings. In the absence of both the President and the Past President the Secretary shall preside.
    • One Annual Meeting will be held each year in which the office bearers for the following year will be elected.
    • Additional Meetings may be held if decided by the Executive.
    • Each Meeting will comprise a Business Meeting and a Scientif1c Meeting.
    • A notice of at least eight weeks shall be given for each Meeting.
    • In any meeting 15 active members present in person shall form a Quorum until otherwise determined.
    • Every member present in person, or by written proxy shall have one vote.
    • All proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary in writing at least twelve weeks before the next Annual Meeting of the Association. The Secretary shall forward a copy of such proposals to every Active Member at least eight weeks before that Meeting. At least a three-fourths majority of the votes recorded (provided that such votes represent 50% of Active Membership) shall be necessary to carry an amendment to the Constitution.