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There shall be three classes of membership Active membership which is limited to those persons who hold a higher degree in orthopaedics and membership of the SAOA

Associate membership: Limited to those persons who have a special interest and or completed work or research in the treatment of Knee related conditions or wish to further their knowledge in Knee Surgery.

Honorary Membership

Application for membership in Active and Associate classes of membership must be made to the society secretary and be accompanied by a sponsors form.

Candidates must have attended a meeting of the society in the past year.

These will then be forwarded to the Executive who will decide on the eligibility of the candidate and advise him on the success of his application.

Membership Fees

Fee R350
Fees must be payable on 1st March of each year.

Termination of membership

If a member fails to pay his subscription fees for one year he shall be notified of his termination as a member and will only be reinstated after one year and after outstanding fees have been paid.